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Nero essential mix get all tracks separately

*** This post was updated scroll down for the important update info ***

On november 13th Nero performed at BBC Radio 1 the essential mix. Their performance was absolutely epic and got a a lot of positive feedback from the scene. This mix consists off some tremendous dubstep, electro and drum 'n base tracks. It's not hard to find the tracklist or the entire mix on the web. However until now it took a lot of googling to download all the separate tracks. So to make life a bit easier I've made a Spotify playlist and placed all the tracks in the right order. All you need to do is download the tracks separately and import them in Spotify.

Therefor this blog post will be the most complete online resource on Nero's essential mix on BBC's Radio 1.

If you haven't heard the mix it's available at simply hit play to start streaming.

Nero Essential Mix Tracklist

01. Justice — Stress (Nero Version) Unreleased
02. Freestylers — Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)
03. The Streets — Blinded by the lights (Nero Remix) 679 Recordings
04. The Streets — In the middle (Nero Remix) 679 Recordings
05. Cassius — I Love You So Ed Banger
06. Plan B — The Recluse (Nero Remix) Atlantic
07. Calvin Harris — You Used To Hold Me (Nero Remix)
08. Claire Maguire — Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix)
09. Flux Pavilion — I Can't Stop Circus
10. MJ Cole — Sincere (Nero Remix) Prolific
11. Doctor P — Big Boss Circus
12. The Jets — Crush On You (Nero Remix)
13. Downlink — Factory
14. Chase & Status — Let You Go (Nero Remix) Mercury
15. Nero — Welcome Reality MTA
16. Nero — Me and You MTA
17. Alan Braxe — Arena
18. N.E.R.D and Daft Punk — Hypnotize U (Nero Remix)
19. Kavinsky — Pacific Coast Highway
20. Danger — 4h30
21. Justice — Let There Be Light Ed Banger
22. The Kills — Cheap And Cheerful (Sebastian Remix)
23. Muse — Knights of Cydonia (Feed Me Edit)
24. Skrillex — Rock n Roll Mau5trap
25. Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner — Animal Rights Mau5trap
26. Daft Punk — Around The World Virgin
27. Gigi Barocco — Puah Cheaper Thrills
28. Nero — Innocence (Feed Me Remix) MTA
29. Justice — D.A.N.C.E (Live version) Ed Banger
30. deadmau5 — Fml Mau5trap
31. Uffie — Difficult (Sebastian Remix)
32. Sebastian — Threnody (Nero Edit)
33. Thomas Bangalter — Rectum
34. Thomas Bangalter — The End
35. Gustav Mahler — Symphony No.9 (Adagio)
36. Muse — Exogenesis Pt 1
37. Narcosis — Dark Age Of Reason
38. Adam Freeland — Mancry (Nero Edit)
39. The Who — Baba O Riley
40. The Who — Baba O Riley (Sebastian Remix)
41. Beastie Boys — Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit)
42. Sleigh Bells — Tell 'em
43. Wolfgang Gartner — Ill America
44. Swedish House Mafia — One
45. Swedish House Mafia — One (Netsky Remix)
46. Sigma — Paint It Black
47. Chase & Status — Streetlife Ram
48. SpectraSoul — The Four Points
49. DC Breaks — Babyon Viper

50. Metrik — T 1000 Viper
51. Nero — Do You Wanna Viper
52. Sub Focus — Timewarp VIP Ram
53. Sub Focus — Let the Story Begin Ram
54. Chase & Status — No Problem
55. The Beatles — A Day In The Life Parlophone
56. Magnetic Man — I Need Air Sony
57. Chase & Status — Eastern Jam Ram
58. Doctor P feat RSK — Black Books Circus
59. Brookes Brothers — In Your Eyes (feat Johnny Osbourne) Breakbeat Kaos
60. Funtcase — Taking the piss Circus
61. Skrillex — Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Mau5trap
62. Nero — This Way Z Audio
63. Nero — Innocence MTA
64. Nero — Me And You MTA
65. Prince — Let's Go Crazy Warner Bros

Spotify Playlist

Get the Nero essential mix on spotify here. Simply download all the tracks and import them in Spotify. The playlist is already sorted the same way they appeared in the essential mix.

Missing tracks & broken links

As you can see there are still some tracks missing. Please let me know if you find the track so I can include te link and keep the list updated. Please also let me know if links stop working.

*** UPDATE ***
As you may have noticed all links are broken... However someone to the effort to zip all the tracks in one file and post it online here at so that should save you some time and still get all the tracks 😀

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  1. Track nr. 34, 35, 36 it’s already Muse – Exogenesis part 1.

    Track nr 37 it’s also Exogenesis part 1 and not part 1.

  2. *Track no. 37 is also Exogenesis part 1 and not part 2.

    Sorry for the mistake.

  3. Hi Bociaz I’ll correct the part number thnx… It doesn’t make much sense to change the track number because I’m missing the first intro track compared to the soundcloud track list…

  4. The tags are terrible… Can’t listen (too many times) without scrobbleability. So I’m currently renaming/retagging all these so contact me if you are willing to upload my versions somewhere. album is “Nero – Essential Mix 2010-11-13”, album artist is Nero, contributing artists are the original artists, remix variants (other than Nero’s) are indicated in the title (like “Difficult (SebastiAn Remix)”). I’m probably getting parts wrong here and there. Hopefully someone with more experience can take what I come up with and polish it?

  5. never mind, just delete both comments. Easier to download all tracks from soundcloud. Those versions are well tagged. I’m grateful for this post because it eventually led me to a better place, but might you update it to point others in the right direction? The versions you link to here just aren’t very good compared to SoundCloud…

  6. Uselesslog : you rule. thank you for having this website.

  7. This girl i know will love this! Thanks alot for the effort you put into this!!

  8. Your welcom guys, If you have better version plz put them in the comments and I will update this blog post. I don’t mind to point ppl in a better direction 😀


    Though these separate-track versions really spoil you. There are so many other essential mixes that are still stuck in single files.

  10. Thnx Frank I’ll add it to the blogpost.

  11. Hey Frank just noticed I’ve already embedded the version you posted in the comments in de blogpost… so it’s now double…

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