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New project: optimizing

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post, but the last 2 weeks I've been helping out a friend optimizing his website: Oldskool Campers Verhuur.


Bastiaan Bosch has this unique Camper Van Rental Service called Oldskool Campers Verhuur. He basically buys and restores old Volkswagen Camper Vans. He not only restores them but does some cool custom stuff on them as well. Once the vans are finished they are ready for rental. So far his vans:

  • have travelled across Europe for surfing trips
  • featured in several weddings and honeymoons
  • and soon his Renault Estafette will be the star in a dutch tv show "Danni Lowinski"

First part: Technical Optimizations

Befor we start with the content I wanted to make sure the technical aspect of the site was ok so here is a list of things I've done:

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Warning: Dutch Guest Advertorial

Don't wory I'm just helping out a collegue 😉 Dé advertentiesite om fietsen te kopen en verkopen
Een bekend concept in een nieuw jasje, Een advertentiesite die zich volledig richt op de
fietsmarkt. Het idee achter Fietskeus is om uw fiets snel te verkopen of juist uw droomfiets te kopen.
Om dit te realiseren beschikt Fietskeus wél over de juiste filters die ontbreken op andere advertentie

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My first Joomla rant

Read all about it over at my useless Tumblr blog


New firmware update for PopcornHour A-110

New Firmware update for PopcornHour A-110

Yes!!!! Never before was I so excited about a firmware update... This one might even be the best christmas present this year. Funny thing is they incidentally released it just for christmas so they couldn't have chosen a better time. Now I sure there are a lot of you out there that bought a PopcornHour A-110. In fact looking to my site analytics I  know a lot of you have tweaked your A-110 NMT so you can control it with your iPhone or Android smartphone.


Sonos supports Spotify

Sonos and Spotify joined forces and as a result you can now connect your Spotify premium account with your Sonos music system. This is absolutely one of the best improvements Spotify has made this year. This really shows that even though Spotify got some bad PR about company losses they still are dedicated to their mission: All the Music All the time. Sonos on the other hand, known for it's high quality wifi music system couldn't have made a better choice by adding support for Spotify. Even though their products are in the higher price range this new feature makes you want them even more. High quality music products and high quality online music streaming is simply a match made in heaven.


Pendulum Essential Mix digested get all tracks right here

Pendulum Essential Mix DJ Set

*** UPDATE ***

This post was updated scroll down to get the latest info.

So after the succesfull digestion of the Nero Essential mix I thought well what the hell why not make it a nice series. So the other day I stumbled upon the Essential mix from Pendulum. Now this mix was already broadcasted in july so you'll have to excuse me for the delay. So I googled around a bit to see what the other blogs posted on the pendulum essential mix but it kinda was the same thing I saw when I was googling for the Nero essential mix. Everybody talks about it but nobody offers a source for the separate tracks. Which are the real gems of the mix if you ask me.


Nero essential mix get all tracks separately

*** This post was updated scroll down for the important update info ***

On november 13th Nero performed at BBC Radio 1 the essential mix. Their performance was absolutely epic and got a a lot of positive feedback from the scene. This mix consists off some tremendous dubstep, electro and drum 'n base tracks. It's not hard to find the tracklist or the entire mix on the web. However until now it took a lot of googling to download all the separate tracks. So to make life a bit easier I've made a Spotify playlist and placed all the tracks in the right order. All you need to do is download the tracks separately and import them in Spotify.


Spotify + Foursquare = Spotisquare

Foursquare + Spotify = Spotisquare

So you all should know Spotify and Foursquare by now ;-). The good folks at Foursquare have released their API so developers now are able to build cool apps that work with the Foursquare platform. You can find all these new apps in the Foursquare App Gallery. Now one off them got my attention straight away...


Porn on wheels the best NSX tribute ever!

The Honda NSX woow what can I say except "I wanted one when ever since I started playing NFS". So every self respecting petrolhead would agree with me that this car has the biggest cult status amongst sports cars ever. I mean Ayrton Senna helped developing it. Harvey Keitel drove it in Pulp Fiction, It was the main star in "Getaway in Stockholm 3" and it was in production for over 15 years!! When it was launched it blew away the competition because of the new V-Tech technology. Where the NSX only had a small 3.0 L V6 the competition needed at least a V8 to keep up!


Remote control Spotify on PC or Mac with Android phones

Spotifiy, wow what a discovery! Thnx Martijn, Roy and David you’ve showed me the incredible benefits that Spotify has to offer. I like the concept of one subscription fee (ranging from $5,- to 10,-) that allows the user to stream all the music that’s available in the community. The sharing feature is another cool thing which allows you to stream the playlists from your facebook friends or playlists from other people they are subscribed too. But maybe best of all the speed when connected to a normal home network it plays all the music instantly. When streaming on your mobile through 3g it sometimes takes a second or two. Offcourse there are still some drawbacks for example some major record labels won’t give the rights to some of it’s music (shame on you Metallica!).